Zero waste is a value key to tora. How we approach and present our collections is designed purposefully around this. It’s a reaction to fast fashion and the waste created by the industry each year.

92 million tonnes of textile waste is created annually, with as many as 40% of garments not sold. With 150 billion created each year thats 60 billion garments that will never be worn.

There are a number of reasons for this from manufacturers needing a minimum order quantity, an increasingly fast retail cycle and an archaic manufacturing system that incentivises volume. The more garments that are ordered, the cheaper the price of each garment. With all that is being done to 'address' this issue global production is due to increase by 63% by 2030.

https://stopwastecolonialism.org/ is worth a look for brand’s transparency with regards to waste within the fashion industry.

At tora, with our capsule collection system, we only create as many garments as orders made. In turn we only use the fabric needed, avoiding garment waste. We scour for fabrics of fantastic quality and origin. We believe clothes should not be considered disposable items. There is a story, journey and human hand behind each piece and we aim to celebrate and shine a light upon it. 

Our samples are due in the next week or so which we can't wait to shed some light on. We'll be taking a closer look at the fabrics we've chosen in our next update.

With love,