AMETORA. Japanese shorthand for ‘American Traditional’ and widely used to represent the Japanese adaption of western styles and trends dating back as far as the 1950s. The Japanese slang has been widely written about since cultural historian, David Marx, published his findings on the phenomenon in his 2015 book, ‘How Japan Saved American Style.’ Whilst the text offers a fascinating look into the genesis of Japan’s obsession and now mastery of contemporary streetwear, for us, the term itself provided a framework to build a brand around.

Ametora is a symbol of respect, longevity and unparalleled craft. Three core beliefs that, we believe, will help build a brand with real depth, consistency and meaning. Our intentions are quite simple. To create a made-to-order clothing brand that will develop a small number of capsules a year, each sold for a limited time and inspired by something new. We will only ever produce what has been ordered as we look to address the ever growing issue of global over-production in the garment industry. We want people to love and care for the clothes they choose to wear and opening to the door to the design process from sketch to production should help build a connection with each garment for any potential buyer. Before the days of fast fashion and mass production wardrobes were far smaller but their owners knew and loved the items they had in them. We want to return to those days. 

Over the course of the next few months we will document and share our inspirations, influences, sampling and production with a view to launching Capsule #01 in late Spring. Thank you for registering your initial support and we will be covering our influences and inspirations in our next newsletter in a fortnights time. 

With love,